Grass Pelleting

The main machine of the process is BK pellet mill. All machinery and equipment from the raw material intake of the process to the loading of the product on the vehicle are engineered by BK Engineers, and the most suitable design is developed for the customer's needs.

The grass is first ground and then pressed in the pellet mill. This process increases the specific weight of the grass and allows additives beneficial to animals to be added to the grass, if desired. The animals consume all of these additives, as they are homogeneously dispersed in the grass.

Grass pellets are primarily used as feed for ovine, poultry, horse and cattle.

In addition, the grass, which can be used in paper and cardboard production, is shipped after pelleting due to its logistic advantage.

In the facility established by BK Engineers in India, the grass is ground and converted into paper raw material in pellet form. Thus, grass is used as a raw material in the production cycle of the paper mill instead of fresh fiber (wood) or recycled paper.


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