With its experience in alfalfa pelleting, pellet mill technology and engineering studies, BK Engineers alfalfa pelleting process and machine layout project required by the customer are designed, manufactured and commissioned by considering the most affordable cost.

Aquatic feed requires special physical and nutritional applications. Several factors should be considered during production such as feed density, pellet size, etc. depending on fish type and size. For example, some aquatic feed must sink in water while others must float on the surface. Besides aquatic feed, we also install facilities for pellet shrimp feed production and continue to support the aquaculture industry.

"Alfalfa is a dried green feed that contains valuable vitamins and minerals as well as protein."

After adding a suitable binder to alfa alfas (for example, 1-3 percent molasses, oil or colloidal clays), the composition is processed under high pressure in pellet mills to form cylindrical pellets. For transport purposes, pellets generally have the same properties as the original plant residues, particularly in terms of oil and water content.

Quality / Storage Period

Alfalfa pellets are gray-green in color and differ in length and width depending on the manufacturer.

The dried green alfalfa pellets should not contain a majority of plant parts with high raw fiber content such as stems and straw, as their high raw fiber content reduces digestibility. Before they are harvested, alfalfas have higher nutritional value characterized by higher protein content.

Alfalfa pellets are primarily used as feed for livestock, horse and poultry.


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