Aquatic Feed

Today, fish meat is gradually becoming more important in human nutrition as the need for protein and energy is continuing to increase. This increases the need for more or larger fish farms and for more aquatic feed.

Aquatic feed requires special physical and nutritional applications. Several factors should be considered during production such as feed density, pellet size, etc. depending on fish type and size. For example, some aquatic feed must sink in water while others must float on the surface. Besides aquatic feed, we also install facilities for pellet shrimp feed production and continue to support the aquaculture industry.

At BK Engineers, we are particular about these specifications and strive to ensure the highest quality with the lowest possible operating and energy costs.

Floating, slow sinking and fast sinking feed can be produced in the fish feed facilities established by Yemmak.
Some types of aquatic feeds;
Salmon  feed, Trout feed, Sea Bass feed, Sea Bream feed, Sturgeon feed, Tilapia feed, Shrimp feed, African Catfish feed , Cobia feed, Eel  feed, Olive Flounder feed, Red Drum feed, Spotted Rose Snapper feed, Turbot feed.

"We offer all-round turnkey solutions for aquatic feed mills, from raw material intake to the packaging process."


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