Raw material conveying systems include various types of equipment such as screw conveyors, chain conveyors and elevators. Depending on the use, one or more of these are used together.

Screw conveyors are used for dosing, feeding and transporting as well as carrying grains and powder products horizontally. The use of high-quality components ensures a durable and easy-to-maintain screw conveyor. BK Engineers screw conveyors are available with wide range of capacities.

Chain conveyors are robust enough to carry the toughest bulk materials. These conveyors are available in capacities up to 450 m3/h. This conveyor method is highly suitable for long-distance conveying.
Pallet conveyors are suitable for hygienic operations. They are also used for transporting all types of powder and granular products. 

Belt conveyors are strong enough to carry the toughest bulk materials. Transporting sensitive and abrasive grains require special care. Compared to chain conveyors, belt conveyors are gentler, create less friction and cause almost no breakage. This conveyor method is highly suitable for long-distance conveying.


The bucket elevators are robust conveyors for a wide range of bulk materials in both granule and powder form. 

In BK Engineers conveying systems, belt conveyors are used to lighten the workload of the operator by providing ease of loading to the vehicle.

At BK Engineers, besides sack transporting belt conveyors, truck loading belt conveyors and telescopic loading in different sizes, we also offer tailor-made solutions according to your factory’s physical conditions and the process.


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