Dosing is the next process after raw material intake.

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The raw material is transferred into the dosing silos by elevators. Different types of raw materials are stored in separate dosing silos. The raw material is then transferred into the dosing scale from the silo’s lower spirals by taking account of the product ration. After weighing by the precise load cells of the dosing scale, the product is conveyed to the lower dosing tank through the bottom trap-door of the unit for further processing. The dosing scale employs precise load cells consistent with its capacity for weighing. The dosing scale has dust-resistant and flexible connectors.

Micro-dosing is the dosing process of one or more materials (premix, vitamins, etc.) in small quantities and at different rates. The product goes to the dosing weigher with the helps of dosing spirals.

In modern feed factories, micro-dosing often operates in-line with the central batch system. Depending on the size of the batch, homogenizing the components in a separate mixer before they are included in the process may be a good idea.

Micro-dosing units are used in ruminant, poultry, aquaitic feed and pet food mills and premix facilities.


Mineral, salt, marble powder and DCP etc. with the Macro Dosing process. By adding the products to the feed ration, products with high added value are obtained. Since it is used in feed and its participation rate in the mixture is less than the main dosage substances, it should be dosed more precisely.


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