Straw Pellets

BK Engineers plays a pioneering role in the industry with its experience in straw pelleting as well as in biomass studies.

Although the wood is high in volume due to its porous, irregular shape and bulky structure, its densities are low (30-150 kg/m³). When grinded, the density is increased up to 150-200 kg/m3, but it is still deemed necessary to increase its density to provide energy and ease of transportation and use. This is the reason why the wood needs to be pelletized.

Straw is used as animal feed, biogas, biomass and biofuel.

Straw is a product with high volume and low density. Although standard baling is performed, it cannot reach a sufficient density. It can be made into pellets by applying pressure with mechanical processes to increase the density.

The energy value of pellets is higher than the energy value of the raw materials they are made of.

Pellets are easy to pour and economical to transport for longer distances. Straw pellets have very similar properties to natural straw. No additives are used in the production – only mechanical pressing.

BK Engineers specially designed a more robust Super Senior series pellet mill for straw pellets.

BK Engineers aims to minimize operating costs and maximize quality with the Super Senior series pellet mill, which has a long-lasting and more rigid structure, specially designed for straw pelleting.


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